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The article presents the experience of treatment of pancreatogenic retroperitoneal abscesses in 52 patients with the application of low-invasive surgery under ultrasonic inspection. The percutaneous abscess drainage was performed for all the patients. The most optimal conditions for drainage were determined with an allowance of localization, sizes and character of abscess content. An optimal approach to the abscess was chosen through the safe acoustic window in such a way, that the drainage was located in extraperitoneal position and outside the organs. The drainage was installed using «stylet-catheter» system in majority of cases. Drainage sizes and their number were selected on the basis of cavity sizes and its content. The fistulography was carried out after drainage for all the patients. This allowed detection of characteristics of purulent cavity and visual comprehension of its connection with the Wirsung’s duct. Recanalization and outwardly-internal drainage were used in the case of the blocked Wirsung’s duct in order to prevent pancreatic fistulas. The low-invasive drainage allowed avoiding an open operation and reducing the percentage of postoperative complications.

Об авторах

М. П. Королёв
Санкт-Петербургский государственный педиатрический медицинский университет

Р. Г. Аванесян
Санкт-Петербургский государственный педиатрический медицинский университет

Е. А. Михайлова
Городская Мариинская больница

Г. М. Лепехин
Городская Мариинская больница

М. М. Турянчик
Городская Мариинская больница

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Королёв М.П., Аванесян Р.Г., Михайлова Е.А., Лепехин Г.М., Турянчик М.М. МИНИИНВАЗИВНОЕ ЛЕЧЕНИЕ ПАНКРЕАТОГЕННЫХ ЗАБРЮШИННЫХ АБСЦЕССОВ. Вестник хирургии имени И.И. Грекова. 2016;175(1):83-87.

For citation:

Korolyov M.P., Avanesyan R.G., Mikhailova E.A., Lepekhin G.M., Turyanchik M.M. LOW-INVASIVE TREATMENT OF PANCREATOGENIC RETROPERITONEAL ABSCESSES. Grekov's Bulletin of Surgery. 2016;175(1):83-87. (In Russ.)

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