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An analysis of early postoperative complications was made in reconstructive surgery on the colon in case of the end colostomy in patients with left-half colon cancer complicated by intestinal obstruction. This work investigated the prognostic factors, which could influence on incidence of complications. The research included results of reconstructive operations in 192 patients. The early postoperative complications were noted in 18 (9,4%) patients. The univariant analysis of risk factors showed, that the presence COPD increased the possibility of complication incidence in 1,7 times (p=0,044). The incidence of purulent complications on previous stage of treatment increased complications in 4,3 times (p=0,011) and the third degree of adhesions process intensity compared with the first degree - in 9,7 times (p=0,001). The multivariant analysis demonstrated a correlation of the complication risks in reconstructive operations with presence of complications on the previous stage of treatment. This correlation was 4,3 (CI 1,7-23,3; p=0,021) and it consisted of 7, 5 (CI 1,3-15,6; p=0,001) in case of presence of the third degree of adhesion process.

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В. И. Помазкин
Свердловский областной клинический психоневрологический госпиталь для ветеранов войн

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