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The article shows the results of treatment of 20 patients (aged from 46 to 85 years old) with early oral cavity squamous cell carcinoma at the period from April 2009 to January 2011. The surgery included the resection of primary tumor and neck dissection in all the patients. The primary tumor was removed by mouth access in 10 patients and combined method was used in 10 cases. The selective neck dissection was carried out in 22 cases. The oral cavity wounds were closed primarily by local flaps in 10 patients, some small residual defects were left open in 3 cases. The reconstructions with remote skin-muscular infra-hyoid flap were performed in 7 patients. The free revascularized radial skin-fascia flap was used in 3 cases. A follow-up period was from 24 to 44 months. The primary local regional control consisted of 85% in given group of patients. The rate of recurrence of the second primary metachronous tumor was 15%. Tumors were located in the oral cavity. Overall 3-year survival was 90% (18 out of 20 patients).

Об авторах

Андрей Викторович Карпенко
Ленинградский областной онкологический диспансер

Рамиль Рустамович Сибгатуллин
Ленинградский областной онкологический диспансер

Елена Николаевна Белова
Ленинградский областной онкологический диспансер

Александр Александрович Бойко
Ленинградский областной онкологический диспансер

Валерий Геннадьевич Золотых
Ленинградский областной онкологический диспансер

Ласло Дюлович Роман
Ленинградский областной онкологический диспансер

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Карпенко А.В., Сибгатуллин Р.Р., Белова Е.Н., Бойко А.А., Золотых В.Г., Роман Л.Д. РЕЗУЛЬТАТЫ ХИРУРГИЧЕСКОГО ЛЕЧЕНИЯ РАКА РОТОВОЙ ПОЛОСТИ T1-2N0M0. Вестник хирургии имени И.И. Грекова. 2014;173(2):52-56.

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Karpenko A.V., Sibgatullin R.R., Belova E.N., Boiko A.A., Zolotykh V.G., Roman L.D. RESULTS OF SURGICAL TREATMENT OF ORAL CAVITY CANCER T1-2N0M0. Grekov's Bulletin of Surgery. 2014;173(2):52-56. (In Russ.)

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