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Aneurysms of extracranial arteries are sufficiently rare pathology in the extracranial arteries surgery. The authors aimed to research the frequency of occurrence of the extracranial arteries aneurysm, reasons of the onset, the localization, clinical manifestations and surgical treatment strategy. A retrospective study presents 10 cases of the extracranial arteries aneurysm for the last 5 years. A presence of aneurysmatic dilatation of extracranial arteries was detected according to the data of ultrasonic duplex scanning (UDS) and patients were directed to the hospital. The UDS was carried out as a routine procedure because of the presence of earlier acute stroke or the transitory ischemic attack. All the patients were carefully examined. A computed tomography and the recurring UDS were performed and the neurologic status of patients was estimated. An indication to surgical treatment was an increase of the internal carotid artery diameter and the common carotid artery more than 50% or equal to it. The presence of the local saccular aneurysm was one of the reasons. Surgical treatment strategy was determined by the anatomic position and possibilities for the reconstruction. The results of given operations showed, that the surgical treatment strategy should be recommended and could be fully justified in this pathology.

Об авторах

Константин Михайлович Гринёв
Ленинградская областная клиническая больница

Илья Сергеевич Черняков
Ленинградская областная клиническая больница

Карим Мавлетович Вахитов
Первый Санкт-Петербургский государственный медицинский университет им. акад. И. П. Павлова

Алексей Юрьевич Винокуров
Ленинградская областная клиническая больница

Павел Александрович Владимиров
Ленинградская областная клиническая больница

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Гринёв К.М., Черняков И.С., Вахитов К.М., Винокуров А.Ю., Владимиров П.А. ОТДАЛЁННЫЕ РЕЗУЛЬТАТЫ ХИРУРГИЧЕСКОГО ЛЕЧЕНИЯ АНЕВРИЗМ ЭКСТРАКРАНИАЛЬНЫХ АРТЕРИЙ. Вестник хирургии имени И.И. Грекова. 2014;173(4):22-24.

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Grinyov K.M., Chernyakov I.S., Vakhitov K.M., Vinokurov A.Yu., Vladimirov P.A. LONG-TERM RESULTS OF SURGICAL TREATMENT OF THE EXTRACRANIAL ARTERIES ANEURYSM. Grekov's Bulletin of Surgery. 2014;173(4):22-24. (In Russ.)

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